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Woolpower Socks, Black, 600 g/m², Size 45-48

Thick socks, ideal to use at low temperatures or to wear as »slippers« to prevent cold feet.
Terry-knitted material
The special knitting technique offers excellent heat-insulating properties and warms even when wet. Woolpower socks absorb and transport away perspiration without losing heat-insulating properties.
Thick socks, ideal to use at low temperatures or to wear as »slippers« to prevent cold feet.
Woolpower »Ullfrotté Original«
Unisex thermal underwear for hunting, handicrafts, and outdoor activities.
  • »Ullfrotté Original« is a fabric made of two-thirds fine Merino wool and one-third synthetic fibers, thus guaranteeing optimum elasticity and durability
  • Different material thicknesses are available (200 g/m², 400 g/m² and 600 g/m²) and can be combined to ideally suit different temperatures and forms of activity
  • Most »Ullfrotté Original» products are manufactured on circular knitting machines. The advantage of this technology is that the garments worn next to the skin only have minimal seams, which results in a very comfortable fit
  • »Ullfrotté Original« is 80 % air. The lofty terry loops together with the crimped wool structure form a jersey knit that traps large quantities of air and therefore provides good heat insulation
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    Woolpower AB was established in 1969 in Östersund, Sweden, for the production of nylon tights. In the early 1970s, the company developed a new material in collaboration with the Swedish army: "Ullfrotté Original". Beside military and police organizations, mainly people who work outside and many others who like to feel warm are among the customers for clothes made of this fiber.
    Advantages of Woolpower products:

    • Woolpower articles are certified by Öko-Tex - an international human ecology label that shows that the garments contain no toxic or harmful substances
    • Wool does not retain odor and therefore the clothes keep a pleasant smell even after long periods of use
    • Can be machine-washed at up to 60 °C (104 °F) and tumble tried at medium heat
    • Made in Sweden. Each garment is labelled with the name of the seamstress
    • Size45-48
    • Colourblack
    • 60 % merino wool, 40 % polyamide
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    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
    Article no. 815028
    Brand Woolpower
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