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WoodRat Cutter Set No. 2

WoodRat Cutter Set No. 2
A specially chosen range of cutters for dovetailing, morticing and tenoning on the WoodRat. Its...
A specially chosen range of cutters for dovetailing, morticing and tenoning on the WoodRat. Its the perfect way to get started using a 1/2" router. This set also contains extra-long conversion sleeves for use with the supplied 8 mm cutters and your own 1/4" cutters. Note: The WR-H-6-27-15 cutter cannot be used for making through dovetails on the LittleRat. It is, however, excellent for making sliding dovetails.
  • WR-8-7-12-6 Dovetail bit for small drawers and boxes (shank 8 mm, dovetail ratio 1:7, height 12 mm, diameter 6 mm)
  • WR-8-7-16-8 Dovetail bit for boxes and large drawers (shank 8 mm, dovetail ratio 1:7, height 16 mm, diameter 8 mm)
  • WR-8-7-24-12 Dovetail bit for chests and boxes (shank 8 mm, dovetail ratio 1:7, height 24 mm, diameter 12 mm)
  • WR-H-6-27-15 Half-inch dovetail cutter ideal for sliding dovetails (shank 0.5 inch, dovetail ratio 1:6, height 27 mm, diameter 15 mm)
  • WR-8-S-42-8 mm Straight bit for mortising (shank 8 mm, height 42 mm, diameter 8 mm)
  • WR-H-S-50-10 mm Straight bit for deep mortises and small dovetails (shank 0.5 inch, height 50 mm, diameter 10 mm)
  • WR-H-S-50-H Straight bit for tenons and dovetail pins (shank 0.5 inch, height 50 mm, diameter 0.5 inch)
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    Designed by Woodworkers.
    Developed for cutting classic joints in solid wood, such as dovetail and finger joints, mortises and tenons, housing joints, lap joints, tongue and groove joints, as well as for profiling, cutting grooves and rabbets, and much more.

    When spacing fingers and tenons you are completely free and independent of templates. You work like a classic joiner by first cutting the positive part and then using it as a template for the counterpart. Instead of sawing and chiselling, you cut with the power router based on markings.

    The WoodRat channel is made of solid, anodised aluminium, with a sliding bar at the front that is moved horizontally without backlash by means of a steel cable. There is a clamping systems on the sliding bar. You clamp the workpiece extremely tight so that you can climb-cut tenons, tongues and raised panels without risk. In the left clamping system, you position the model and transfer the cut outline directly to the workpiece.

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    Article no. 717602
    Brand WoodRat
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    WoodRat Fräserset Nr. 2 für Oberfräsen mit 1/2" Spannzange
    WoodRat Cutter Set No. 2

    Article number 717602


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