Materials determine the character of a workpiece

Whether you are building a table, turning a wooden box or forging a knife blade – choosing the appropriate material is essential for your success.

Beauty and function are mutually dependent since it is only possible to create sleek workpieces when using the appropriate material. Therefore you will find clear instructions with most of the natural building materials and metals that we present in this chapter with regards to their qualities and possible use. The focus of our offer is on high quality and rare natural materials for craftspeople, turners and knife makers.


There is no material as versatile as wood. We owe it to nature to make the best out of it. Not less than 70,000 kinds of wood exist worldwide. We present domestic and exotic species that are suitable for handcrafted purposes. Our woods are not subject to species protection. Solid wood has growth related anisotrope properties, which means that it shrinks un evenly when being dried. This has to be taken into consideration when working the wood and its storage. Only the proper finish will bring out its beauty. We use natural coatings like shellac, oil and wax that harmonise with wood.

In our range you will find blanks for turners, handle scales for knife makers, as well as blocks and boards for carving. Special woods for instrument making are to be found in our music catalogue or on our website.


Within living memory, horn is one of the most versatile and most beautiful natural materials. It lies well in your hands, regulates humidity, does not contain any allergenic substances and is thus excellently suitable for products that are in contact with human skin, e.g. combs, jewellery, knife handles etc. The material does not influence the taste of any foods, therefore even sensitive food like caviar can be purely enjoyed. Horn is harder and denser than most kinds of wood. Even though it has fibres it can easily be turned or carved. Horn can become brittle when drying, treating it with shelllac or oil will protect it.


Skins and coats have ever been a protecting cover to human beings. But only since people have learned how to conserve it has it been called leather. Leather is one of the most versatile and most comfortable materials. Our assortment ranges from vegetable tanned leather, which is perfectly suitable for knife sheaths, smooth elk leather reindeer, elk, kangaroo and elk for bags, covers or clothing. We also offer fish leather (ray, salmon, etc) of beautiful structure for ornaments and book covers.


No other culture in the world has refined the production of cutting steel more than Japan. Japan still renders homage to the myth of the Samurai sword. This is the reason we did not only focus our offer on tools and knives but also on half-finished products made out of steel and blades. We supply not only the material but also the know how for the proper treatment. For more than 30 years we have exchanged experiences with Japanese blacksmiths and material specialists and included this knowledge in the manual which is sent with each half-finished product. Forging workshops led by experts will be helpful to beginners and advanced learners when it comes to working these demanding steels.

For those who do not want to forge on their own but still create beautiful knives we also offer many blades in different kinds of forms as well as semifinished products.