Die Flinte, Band 4

The Flinte (shotgun) is the most widely used hunting weapon in the world. Yet the shotgun also...
The Flinte (shotgun) is the most widely used hunting weapon in the world. Yet the shotgun also makes a very useful piece of sports equipment, such as in Olympic clay target shooting competitions. This book is the fourth volume of Norbert Klups' weapons edition. With its in-depth expert knowledge, this elegant volume provides comprehensive information on the history and development of this hunting weapon, as well as on today's breechblocks of single shot rifles and the various systems of modern bolt action and self-loading shotguns. Whether you own a shotgun or are planning to buy a new model, this book is well worth the investment. You will come to better understand your weapon inside out and with your acquired knowledge will be able to perfectly maintain the lasting functionality of your hunting weapon. For the enthusiast and collector of exclusive shotguns, it serves as a reference work. The wealth of information and photographic material on many well-known shotgun models and manufacturers acts as a guide when choosing the right shotgun. All volumes in the Norbert Klups weapon edition are around 200 pages thick, elegantly presented and come in an exclusive slipcase. The spines of the volumes placed side by side form a beautiful fox motif, delighting any bibliophile. This series is the perfect gift for every hunter and gun lover.
Professional knowledge from the hunting expert.
Norbert Klups has held his hunting licence since 1979. Since 1984, he has been writing product test reports for weapons, ammunition, knives and hunting equipment as a freelancer for various hunting and weapons magazines. He has also written twelve reference books on various hunting weapons and ammunition, is a district hunting advisor and a member of the hunter examination committee, as well as a shooting trainer for seminars of the RWJ Academy of Rhenish-Westphalian Hunters. He thus has 40 years of practical hunting experience and extensive expertise in all aspects of theoretical and practical hunting and weapons training. Who better to write such a weapons edition than Norbert Klups?
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    • Pagine 240
    • Tipo di copertina hardcover
    • Illustrazione illustrated throughout in colour
    • Formato 255 x 300 mm
    • Lingua German
    • Editore Norbert Klups
    Codice articolo 730799
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    Die Flinte, Band 4
    Die Flinte, Band 4

    Codice articolo 730799
      49,95 €