Sharpen This

Sharpen This
If you want to be a better woodworker, you need to learn to sharpen. If you want to be a better...
If you want to be a better woodworker, you need to learn to sharpen. If you want to be a better sharpener, you need to stop paying so much attention to tertiary bevels and carbide formations in steel, and start paying attention to the wood. If the wood is cut cleanly, then your tools are sufficiently sharp. If the wood is torn out and covered in tiny scratches, then you need to sharpen up your tools.
»Sharpen This« is a 120-page pocket book on how to get great edges, regardless of the sharpening system you choose. It is about what is important: creating a sharp edge quickly with a minimum amount of equipment. It is not a book about becoming a sharpening expert. It is instead about becoming an expert at sharpening. It helps you decode the confusing world of sharpening media. And, most importantly, it helps you get back to work at the bench as quickly as possible. Because the process of making tools dull is far more enjoyable than making tools sharp.
»Sharpen This« is an attempt to help woodworkers stay grounded. To think about want you want to leave behind when you're gone. Is it a chest filled with immaculately cared for tools and a few nice pieces of furniture? Or do you want to leave behind hundreds of pieces of furniture that demonstrate that you developed your ability to harness beauty and bring it into this world? (Plus, a chest of tools that are in serviceable shape.)
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    • Страницы 120
    • Тип переплета hardcover
    • Иллюстрации ч/б иллюстрации
    • Формат 90 x 140 mm
    • Язык English
    • Издатель Кристофер Шварц
    Артикульный номер 730546
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    Sharpen This
    Sharpen This

    Артикульный номер 730546
      18,90 €