The Workbench Book

The Workbench Book
First published in 1987, »The Workbench Book« by Scott Landis is still the most comprehensive...
First published in 1987, »The Workbench Book« by Scott Landis is still the most comprehensive book about the main tools in the woodworking workshop. A richly illustrated guide to the world's best workbenches, from the traditional Shaker bench to the mass-produced Workmate. Author and bench builder Scott Landis visited dozens of craftsmen, watched them at work and listened to what they had to say about their benches. The result is a fascinating and insightful description of the advantages and disadvantages of each bench in the context of a living woodworking tradition. The workbench is the heart of the workshop. Like the foundation of a house, a workbench must be carefully built because it reflects and supports all the work that takes place on it. The custom-made workbench probably reflects more than any other tool in the workshop the personality and experience of its builder. For woodworkers who want to build their own workbench, »The Workbench Book« gives valuable advice on design, construction and special features such as vice options. The 1987 text has remained unchanged since this edition and contains an introduction by Christopher Schwarz.
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    • Страницы 248
    • Тип переплета hardcover
    • Иллюстрации 275 фотографий, а также полные планы четырех скамеек
    • Формат 240 x 290 мм
    • Язык Английский язык
    • Издатель Scott Landis
    Артикульный номер 713558
    Марка Sonstige
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    The Workbench Book
    The Workbench Book

    Артикульный номер 713558
      42,00 €