The Stick Chair Book

The Stick Chair Book
At first glance, it looks like you have to get special wood from the forest, buy a bunch of...
At first glance, it looks like you have to get special wood from the forest, buy a bunch of exotic tools, master a lot of crazy angles and learn high-tolerance carpentry to build a chair that is comfortable, stable and looks like a sculpture. The truth is that ordinary woodworkers, farmers, amateurs and people in other professions have made wonderful chairs using a handful of ordinary woodworking tools and any wood available: dry, wet, soft, hard wood or branches torn from a tree. The chairs they made were not meant to impress the neighbours, they were meant to be comfortable, sturdy and beautiful to look at. After 18 years of experience building chairs and studying historical examples in Britain, Europe and North America, author Christopher Schwarz has figured out how anyone can design and build them without a lot of materials.
The book is divided into three sections
The first part, »Über Stühle nachdenken«, introduces you to the world of the ordinary stick chair and the tools and wood used to build them. The second part, »Techniken der Stuhlherstellung«, covers all the steps involved in making a chair, from cutting the strong legs to making curved arms from straight wood and carving the seat. You also get an idea of the variety of shapes you can use. The chapter on seats shows you how to create 14 different seat shapes. The chapter on legs contains 16 common shapes that can be made with just a few hand planes. Together with the 11 different arm shapes, the 6 arm joints, the 14 shapes for the hands, the 7 carrying devices and the 11 combs, you could spend your entire life making stick chairs without ever making the same one twice. The final section provides detailed plans for five stick chairs, from a simple Irish armchair to a dramatic Scottish comb chair. These five chair designs are a good starting point for making your own armchairs. Other chapters in the book deal with comfort, finishing, sharpening the tools and answering the most common questions asked by new chair makers.
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    • Relié hardcover
    • Illustration Numerous colour photos and sketches
    • Format 160 x 235 mm
    • Langue English
    • Editeur Christopher Schwarz
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    The Stick Chair Book
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