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Chef's knife, 65-layer Suminagashi steel

Vollintegral Küchenmesser

Handgeschmiedetes Küchenmesser in Einzelausführung aus 3 verschiedenen Kohlenstoffstählen. Es wurde im Freiformschmieden von Hand aus einem Stück Damaszenerstahl angefertigt und mit einem Edlen Griff aus hochwertigem Wüsteneisenholz...
620,00 €

T.T.C. + frais de port

N° art. 816015KL

Knife, blade made of RWL34

Kleines Jagdmesser

The blade of the knife was made of rust-resistant, powder metalluric RWL-34, and provided with a hollow grind. The knife is of the size of a 3-finger gentleman knife and therefore slightly smaller than a usual hunting knife. The hardness...
380,00 €

T.T.C. + frais de port

N° art. 816006KL

Brotkasten mit Rollladen

Brotkasten mit Rollladen

Unsere Brotkästen mit Rollladen aus Zirbe werden handwerklich ohne Einsatz von Schrauben und Nägeln gefertigt und sind somit ohne jegliche Schadstoffe. Dazu gehört innen ein Ablagegitter aus feinen Zirbenleisten, damit die Luft...
155,00 €

T.T.C. + frais de port

N° art. 816017KL

Brotkasten eckig

Brotkasten eckig

Schlichte Kastenform mit dekorativen Fingerzinken an den Ecken und einem aufwendigen Deckel in Rahmen und Füllung. Praktisches Detail: Dreht man den Deckel um, kann man sein Brot darauf schneiden. Dazu ist eine Hartholzauflage...
129,00 €

T.T.C. + frais de port

N° art. 816018KL

Backpack Water Buffalo DINA 4+

Rucksack Wasserbüffel DINA 4+

Hand-sewn with throw-over closure and two additional safety straps, handle and adjustable carrying straps. The sides and front are extended to form flaps which serve as additional rain protection under the flap. Natural water buffalo...
400,00 €

T.T.C. + frais de port

N° art. 816005KL

Belt with bronze buckle "Olive

Gürtel mit Bronzeschließe „Olive“

Clasp Individually cast by hand in a specially created bronze alloy of pure copper and pure tin (lead-free). Motive: olive branch. Measures approx. 65 x 40 x 4 mmThe buckle holds the belt with a pin, which is inserted into the matching...
265,00 €

T.T.C. + frais de port

N° art. 816004KL

Stool Fraya

Schemel Fraya

Whether used as a flexible seat or as a side table, this stool impresses with its clear form and the handcrafted elements in every detail. The inset straight rail is form-fitting. It provides the perfect support for the four tapped and...
349,00 €

T.T.C. + frais de port

N° art. 708867

Outdoor knife "HARRI

Outdoormesser "HARRI"

The all-steel knife "Harri" of the ADAM manufacture is an absolute unique piece in the outdoor sector. It consists exclusively of C60 steel and is therefore very robust. The material allows strong blows on branches or wood-like...
140,00 €

T.T.C. + frais de port

N° art. 816014KL

Swivel candlestick with round base for table candles

Dreh-Kerzenleuchter mit rundem Fuß für Tafelkerzen

"Retro" candlesticks like from grandma's day. Similar antique pieces often grace old inns and pubs. This piece is a budget version that comes with some modern techniques. Thus, individual components are forged, but all components are...
20,00 €

T.T.C. + frais de port

N° art. 816010KL

Tripod stool Alba

Dreibeinhocker Alba

Filigree, simple and modern describes this about 70 cm high stool, made of domestic spruce. The slightly sloping seat is particularly suitable for activity at the workbench, kitchen or similar workplaces. The connections are made in...
217,00 €

T.T.C. + frais de port

N° art. 708866

Kleines Jagdmesser, Linkshandausführung der Lederscheide

Kleines Jagdmesser, Linkshandausführung der Lederscheide

Kleines Jagdmesser aus pulvermetallurischem RWL34 (ca. 60 HRC), Stabile Schneidengestaltung durch Flachschliff, versehen mit einem edlen Griff aus Ebenholz.
380,00 €

T.T.C. + frais de port

N° art. 816016KL

Miniature turned fragrance pot

Gedrechselter Dufttopf in Miniaturausgabe

The hand-turned tin is a miniature version of the "big" bread pot. It is filled with particularly intensely fragrant Swiss stone pine wood shavings. A soothing and comforting scent fills the room. Placed on the bedside table and opened...
45,00 €

T.T.C. + frais de port

N° art. 816000KL

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