Turned bread pot

The best place to store your bread is in a bread pot made of pine wood. Bread and pastry storage...
The best place to store your bread is in a bread pot made of pine wood. Bread and pastry storage at a very high level. Why? Because Swiss stone pine keeps bread fresh longer and does not let it mould. Handmade. Solid Swiss stone pine. Nothing else!Positive characteristics for the storage of our "Daily Bread".The special effect against mould is used in the bread pot made of Swiss stone pine. The bread stays fresh longer and mould has no chance in the long term.
Wood is a living material and regulates moisture. It absorbs the moisture and also releases it again. This keeps your bread and pastries fresh. To do this, place a sheet of kitchen paper or a linen cloth between the bread and the wood or simply put the bread together with the paper bag from the bakery into the bread pot. The bread pot not only keeps the bread fresh and mold away, its appearance alone is an eye-catcher in any kitchen.
The bread pot is not surface-treated, so that the essential oils of the Swiss stone pine wood can be fully appreciated. In addition, it spreads a pleasant, soothing room scent. For better protection, the pot can of course be treated with beeswax on the outside.
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    Philipp Schreistetter

    Philipp Schreistetter war 30 Jahre als Schreiner selbständig. Bereits seit 2012 beschäftigt er sich intensiv mit dem Drechseln . Er hat Meisterkurse bei Mike Tingey, Alfred Baumann und Martin Adomat belegt und sich seitdem stetig weiterentwickelt. Jetzt will er seine Begeisterung fürs Drechseln, sein Wissen und seine Erfahrung mit den Kursteilnehmern teilen. Seine größte Passion gilt dem Zirbenholz aus dem er die unterschiedlichsten Gefäße und Gerätschaften drechselt.

    • Dimensions Ø outside 35 cm, Ø inside 32 cm
    • Weight 2180 g
    • Material Zirbenholz
    • Creator Philipp Schreistetter
    Numer artykułu 816001KL
    Marka Sonstige
    Dostępny od ręki, czas dostawy ok. 2-4 dni roboczych
    150,00 € na Szt.
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    Turned bread pot
    Turned bread pot

    Numer artykułu 816001KL
      150,00 €