Outdoor knife "HARRI

The all-steel knife "Harri" of the ADAM manufacture is an absolute unique piece in the outdoor...
The all-steel knife "Harri" of the ADAM manufacture is an absolute unique piece in the outdoor sector. It consists exclusively of C60 steel and is therefore very robust. The material allows strong blows on branches or wood-like materials, as well as fine cuts in wood, paper, etc.. Because of the very wide back it can also be used as a carving, chopping or mortising tool in combination with a hammer.
C60 is normally used for axes but is also very suitable for outdoor blades. Its strengths are a high wear and tensile strength as well as an enormous durability of the blade with accompanying sharpness. The hardness of the heat treated material is 61 HRC. The hardening is partial, which means that the cutting edge is hard and robust, while the back and the handle area have a high flexibility and toughness.
The absence of any wood or glue makes this knife an easy-care companion in all situations. Since no wood has been used, there is no danger of swelling of the handle or splitting at the glued areas due to humidity or waterlogging.
The knife is NOT stainless, because stainless steels in the field of outdoor blades by far do not have the strength of a high-alloy carbon steel, which, however, rusts.
Corroding of the blade is prevented with minimal maintenance after use. It is only necessary to remove dirt or dry the blade. For further care we recommend camellia oil. This can be applied as needed and also protects the blade from corrosion.
Included is a leather sheath made of vegetable tanned cowhide. This was provided with a saddler seam and is therefore almost indestructible. The look was kept simple and functional. The production is exclusively done by hand and accordingly has the quality that a leather sheath should have in the outdoor area.
The combination of pure C60 and best cowhide makes this product an absolute professional in the outdoor area. But also as an everyday companion, whether in the workshop, on hikes or even at the barbecue, this knife is excellent.
Have fun and good cut wishes the manufacture ADAM-Handmade.

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    • Dimensions 22 cm total length
    • Weight 300 g
    • Material C60
    • Creator Manufacture ADAM Handmade
    Numer artykułu 816014KL
    Marka Sonstige
    Dostępny od ręki, czas dostawy ok. 2-4 dni roboczych
    140,00 € na Szt.
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    Outdoor knife "HARRI
    Outdoor knife "HARRI

    Numer artykułu 816014KL
      140,00 €