The Anarchist's Design Book

The Anarchist's Design Book
Most of the American furniture we celebrate as the pinnacle of design is overbearing,...
Most of the American furniture we celebrate as the pinnacle of design is overbearing, over-embellished and a monument to waste and excess. These are precious pieces that are auctioned, collected, reproduced and written about in exhaustive detail. »The Anarchist's Design Book« is an exploration of furniture forms that have persisted outside of the high styles that dominate every museum exhibit of the last 200 years. Some of those historic furniture forms have been around for almost 1000 years. They are simple to make. They have clean lines, and can be shockingly modern. This book explores 11 of these forms - a bed, dining tables, chairs, chests, desks, shelving - and offers a deep exploration into the two construction techniques used to make these pieces that have been forgotten, neglected or rejected. Apart from the plans this book also gives you the road map for designing your own pieces.
    • Pages 456
    • Relié hardcover
    • Illustration nombreuse photos en noir et blanc et dessins
    • Format 203 x 254 mm
    • Langue Anglais
    • Editeur Christopher Schwarz
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    The Anarchist's Design Book
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