Festool Pre-separator CT

Copes with high volumes of dust. Efficient, simple and reliable.

High volumes of dust, shavings and chips are no longer a problem for neither the main filter, nor...
High volumes of dust, shavings and chips are no longer a problem for neither the main filter, nor for the suction power. The pre-separator (compatible with Festool CT mobile dust extractors) collects up to 95% of dust before it reaches the mobile dust extractor. This reduces the load on the main filter and ensures consistently high suction power throughout the work process.
  • Copes with high volumes of generated dust thanks to cyclone technology
  • Consistently high suction power as a result of reducing the load on the main filter
  • Easy and safe to transport thanks to a stackable collection container with compact dimensions and a sturdy design
  • Work flexibly in every application with and without CT pre-separator
  • For combining with all Festool CT 26/36/48 dust extractors with and without Autoclean function
  • Approved for dust categories L and M
  • Optimum use with machines and applications with high levels of dust
Main applications:
  • For all applications with saws, routers and planers with large quantities of coarse chips. Relief of the filter bag, up to 95 % of the particles are separated.
  • Extraction of large volumes of fine mineral dust, such as for e.g. with diamond grinders, long-reach sanders and renovation millers
  • Relief of the main filter, up to 80 % of the particles are separated

    Zakres dostawy

    • Cyclone Systainer
    • VAB-20 collection container
    • Systainer pan
    • Connecting hose
    • Disposal bag
    • Container lid
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    Festool Pre-separator CT
    Festool Pre-separator CT

    Numer artykułu 720852
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    Festool Disposable Bag

    Entsorgungssack ENS-VA-20/10 für Festool Vorabscheider

    For use in CT-VA 20 pre-separator collection containers. Qty. in pack 10 pieces. Max. container capacity 20 l.
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