Cuchillo plegable Laguiole pequeño, madera de olivo

The original by Laguiole en Aubrac

Hoja de acero inoxidable Sandvik 12C27, fácil de afilar. Mordazas de acero inoxidable y hoja...
Handle scales made of olive wood with honey-coloured grain. The wood has excellent properties and has therefore been regarded as a valuable material for many centuries due to its warm colouring.
Hoja de acero inoxidable Sandvik 12C27, fácil de afilar. Mordazas de acero inoxidable y hoja satinada. Dureza 56 HRC. Se suministra con bolsa de lino.
The Laguiole folding knife is an icon of French design. As early as 1829, this knife shape was created in the small mountain village of the same name, Laguiole, in southwest France. The trademarks of this classic knife are the ergonomic shape of blade and handle, the »bee« stop and the fine engraving on the spring. All Laguiole handles have the traditional »Shepherd's cross« made of fine silver ornamental rivets (excluding stag horn handles). Shepherds who spent the summers with their flocks in the Auvergne highlands used to stick the blade into the ground and pray in front of the cross. Feather and bee are forged from one piece and artfully decorated by hand (needle etched), each blacksmith having his own engraving.
Note: Pay attention to the origin of the knife when buying. Beware of knives manufactured in China or Pakistan, because the name »Laguiole« cannot be protected. The »LOG« (Laguiole Origine Guarantee) stamp guarantees that the knife originates from the genuine Laguiole area and is produced using traditional methods.
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    Laguiole en Aubrac

    Laguiole en Aubrac

    La forja tradicional Laguiole en Aubrac es una de las forjas más conocidas de Francia. La empresa está ubicada en Espalion, dentro de la zona "Laguiole Origine Guarantee". Cada cuchilla es fabricada por un cutler y es única debido a su trabajo manual; dependiendo del diseño, se requieren hasta 216 pasos de trabajo. El fabricante otorga una garantía de por vida contra defectos de material o fabricación.

    • Longitud de hoja 85 mm
    • Grosor de hoja 2 mm
    • Longitud total 185 mm
    • Peso 60 g
    • Tirador materiales Olive Wood
    Referencia 718577
    Marca Laguiole
    Disponible para envío inmediato, entrega en aprox. 2-3 días laborables
    112,00 € por piece(s)
    Bono de afilado incluido, dos servicios de afilado gratuitos
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    Funda de cuero para cuchillo plegable Laguiole pequeño

    Leder-Stecketui für Laguiole Klappmesser klein

    Bolsillo de cuero para cuchillo plegable Laguiole en Aubrac pequeño. Apto para los números 718577 , 718578 .
    13,90 €

    incl. IVA más gastos de envío

    Referencia 718576