Sierra con mango oblicuo Bad Axe, hybrid-cut, tamaño de mango mediano

This back saw with a large saw blade is perfect for deep cuts in the direction of the grain, such as cutting mortise and tenon joints. The very well-balanced saw with specific toothing cuts efficiently on the push stroke and without jamming up to a depth of 10 cm. Regular size = 91-98 mm hand size.
The Bad Axe Back Saws Difference:
  • Sized handles guaranteed to fit your hand
  • Traditional folded sawbacks that prevent kinking your plate and allows you to retension your toothline at will (see video)
  • Hammer-set toothline that precisely locks in a kerf width most appropriate to the plate gauge
  • Legendary sharpening excellence
  • Customised saws (back, handle and fastener material on choice) available on special order
    • Longitud de hoja 406 mm
    • Longitud total 540 mm
    • Profundidad de corte 105 mm
    • Grosor de hoja 0.46 mm
    • Torsión 0.64 mm
    • Dentado triangular para cortes longitudinales 2.1
    • Universal teeth 2.5 mm
    • ppi 12
    Bad Axe offers a lifetime guarantee on materials and workmanship! (Damage caused by improper use is not covered).
    Referencia 712348
    Marca Bad Axe
    Disponible para envío inmediato, entrega en aprox. 2-3 días laborables
    309,00 € por piece(s)
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