Tools for glue application

In every woodworking shop you will find a glue bottle, a glue brush and usually also a glue scraper. They are used to apply glue to edges, to put it into dowel holes or to spread it over larger surfaces when veneering. The new tools that we present to you in this article are intended precisely for these areas of application. Our tool recommendations also offer small innovations or real innovations that simplify working with glues and adhesives.

Gupfo Glueminator

The patented system of the Gupfo Glueminator works according to a similar principle as the proven glue dispenser TS-Boy Thrifty Glue Container. If you compare the two glue dispenser systems, it quickly becomes clear where the innovations of the Leiminator lie. The screw cap makes it much easier to fill and clean. The Gupfo Leiminator is suitable for liquid adhesives, solvents and thinners, paints, varnishes and oils. To protect it from drying out, the glue cup of the Leiminator is tightly closed with a cap. It is important that this cap is always firmly in place when opening the screw cap, otherwise glue or other liquids will run out of the storage container unhindered. The supplied glue brush is located under the cap and is always ready for use.

Gupfo Glueminator

There is room for 1.2 litres of glue or adhesive in the glue dispenser's storage container.


Glue dispenser GluBot

A further development of the classic glue bottle is the Glue Bottle GluBot. Due to the two-chamber system of the GluBot, there is automatically always glue in its riser container. By simply pressing the main chamber, the glue can be finely dosed and can also be applied in a standing position. Fresh glue can be easily refilled into the main chamber through a large cap. The GluBot is supplied with a wide and a fine tip. The fine tip allows precise glue application, for example in dowel holes. The wide tip is ideal for applying glue to small areas. A glue guide, which is also supplied, simplifies the application of glue on narrow edges.

Leimspender GluBot

The centring glue guide makes edgebanding easier


DThe glue guide is simply attached and keeps the tip in the centre of the workpiece edge when applying glue. The GluBot can be closed airtight so that the glue does not dry out. Lid set, glue tips and caps are available as spare parts. In addition to the "GluBot" with 475 ml capacity, there are the smaller glue dispensers BabeBot and HighBot.


Pfohl Hand Glue Spreader

Simple glue spatulasoffer a cost-effective option for glue application over a wide area. However, applying glue quickly and evenly to larger areas requires some skill and practice. This is easier with glue rollers. Pfohl hand glue rollers enable fast and completely even application of all glues and adhesives. They are used wherever larger surfaces are to be coated with glue or adhesive. The glue with a 75 mm wide sponge rubber roller is also well suited for glue application on wider edges, for example when applying solid wood edging strips or for board gluing.

Pfohl Hand Glue Spreader

Professional glue application on surfaces with the Pfohl glue applicatorr


Its sponge rubber roller with ribbed, non-porous surface is ideally suited for white glues, but also for waterproof glues with added hardener (Kaurit glue). This roller allows an even thin glue application and is therefore best suited for veneer work with coarse-pored veneer. Compared to glue application with a brush or spatula, you can save approx. 30% glue with the Pfohl glue roller and only need half the working time. The even and thin glue application also shortens the necessary pressing times. The glue can be completely dismantled for cleaning with water.