Building a Log Cabin - Round Log Building

Who has not dreamed of living in a hand-built log cabin of ones own? Make your dream house come...
Who has not dreamed of living in a hand-built log cabin of ones own? Make your dream house come true! Our instructor will pass on his knowledge, showing you practically oriented and with professional expertise the basics of building with round logs. Theory comes before practice, with everything you need to know about log cabin building. You will learn about the tools you need, tips on selecting the wood, on debarking, and on dividing the logs. You will learn to handle the LogScriber, to scribe and produce fillets and corner joints, and to saw out the window openings. After building several layers, including bearers and ceiling beams, the roof construction will top off the cabin. Everyone will actively participate in building and in the end will possess the necessary skills for building a small cabin, such as a sauna or a garden house, on their own. Please bring suited protective clothing (hearing protector, chain saw trousers, gloves and googles).
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    Ralph Pfersich

    With more than 3000 participants in his courses on log building, Ralph Pfersich is one of our most experienced seminar instructors. Even when he is not teaching, he dedicates most of his time to the construction of log cabins. He has already directed the construction of several single-family houses, hunting lodges, carports, office buildings and other largescale projects worldwide. He loves passing on his comprehensive skills and knowledge to the participants of his courses.Ralph Pfersich

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    • Warunek Physical fitness and skills in using the chain saw.
    • Kursdauer 5 days
    • Hinweis Material, accommodation and full board included.
    • Teilnehmerzahl 12
    • Język kursu German
    • Prowadzący Ralph Pfersich
    • Course Time 10.00 - 6 pm
    • Datum 09/21 - 09/25
    • Seminarort Ortsstraße 6, 72290 Schömberg
    Numer kursu KU1082001
    1 100,00 € na uczestnika

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    Numer kursu: KU1082001
    Początek: 21.09.2020
    Koniec: 25.09.2020
    Miejscowość: Schömberg
    Cena: 1 100,00 €