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Forging Made Simple

Despite the fascination we derive from fire and iron, most of us shy away from the efforts...
Despite the fascination we derive from fire and iron, most of us shy away from the efforts involved. This course will demonstrate how simple forging can actually be. Just a few items are needed that are either cheap or easy to produce by yourself. You will build your own forge, work on the most simple anvils, forge a stick tang blade or a rustic barbecue tool set from constructional steel.
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    Jürgen Rosinski

    The enthusiastic smith, knife-maker and writer Jürgen Rosinski is going to pass on his expert knowledge in our courses. In his book “Messermachen für Anfänger” (Knife-making for beginners) and in his workshop “Einfach schmieden” (Simple forging) he shows that it is possible to make beautiful blades with excellent cutting functionalities even with just a few material and tools. He cordially invites you to participate in his workshop.Jürgen Rosinski

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    Workshop-centre Niederalteich

    A haven for traditional crafts!

    A mere 10 minutes drive from our company headquarters in Metten, it is situated idyllically between the river Danube and the Natural Reserve Bavarian Forest and offers ideal conditions for undisturbed creative work.

    The former stable of the Monastery Niederalteich is optimally equipped with

    • Bench room,
    • Turning workshop,
    • Sharpening room,
    • Machine room,
    • Kitchen and Sanitary rooms.


    St. Ursulaweg 19
    94557 Niederalteich

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    • QualifikationNone.
    • InfoMaterial included (€35).
    • Participants10
    • LanguageGerman
    • InstructorJürgen Rosinski
    • Duration1 day
    • Appointment06.11.
    • Time9.00 - 18.00
    • LocationSt.-Ursulaweg 19, 94557 Niederalteich
    Numéro de cours KU5051703
    135,00 € pro Teilnehmer

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    Kursnnummer: KU5051701
    Début: 30.01.2017
    fin: 30.01.2017
    Lieu: Niederalteich
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    Début: 22.03.2017
    fin: 22.03.2017
    Lieu: Niederalteich
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    Début: 6.11.2017
    fin: 6.11.2017
    Lieu: Niederalteich
    Prix: 135,00 €

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