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Advanced Leather Braiding

This advanced course expands upon the basic knots to use 6 or 8 bends. The interweave techniques...
This advanced course expands upon the basic knots to use 6 or 8 bends. The interweave techniques Herringbone and Gaucho are also studied. The braiding techniques learned can also be made into the shape of a ball e.g. as a closing knot for 4-way round braided leather bands. The cutting of endless bands using the band cutter is also part of the course. A good knowledge of braiding 4-way Turkish knots and 4-way round braids are prerequisites for this course.
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    Arno Buck

    Arno sets himself the highest standards in all his craft work, and that includes his hobbies of leatherworking and knife making. It was while stitching knife sheaths that he discovered his passion for leatherworking, which has had a hold on him ever since. His projects, often combined with wickerwork, are characterised by clear, modern designs, often using unusual materials.Arno Buck

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    • Nombre de participants8
    • Appointment26.11 - 27.11.2016
    • Time09.00 - 18.00
    Kursnummer KU5621602
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    Kursnnummer: KU5621602
    Beginn: 26.11.2016
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