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Honeycomb Wicker

Various wicker patterns are created using practice frames of approx. 20 x 30 cm. You will learn...
"A classic Viennese braid, a prominent feature of the famous Thonet chair, is known to most people. Spider braid, stern braid and Victoria braids and even the ""sunset"" are highly decorative and long-lasting, yet somewhat unfamiliar braid patterns. These types of braid can be used to decorate e.g. cabinet doors, radiator covers and also chairs."
Various wicker patterns are created using practice frames of approx. 20 x 30 cm. You will learn about the range of wicker material, preparation of the wooden frame and braiding various patterns. Each participant creates multiple braid patterns of their own choice.
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    Konrad von Liebieg

    Being an independent master cabinetmaker, Konrad von Liebieg ran a small workshop on a farmyard in the Lower Bavarian village of Angersdorf. With growing passion he has focussed on weaving chairs for more than 30 years now. You can marvel at his brilliance in working with the so-called “Viennese wickerwork” (Wiener Geflecht) or in repairing old coffee-house chairs on handicraft markets taking place in the Lower Bavarian region.Konrad von Liebieg

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    KURSORT Niederalteich

    A haven for traditional crafts!

    A mere 10 minutes drive from our company headquarters in Metten, it is situated idyllically between the river Danube and the Natural Reserve Bavarian Forest and offers ideal conditions for undisturbed creative work.

    The former stable of the Monastery Niederalteich is optimally equipped with

    • Bench room,
    • Turning workshop,
    • Sharpening room,
    • Machine room,
    • Kitchen and Sanitary rooms.


    St. Ursulaweg 19
    94557 Niederalteich

    More info on our Workshop location Niederalteich
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    • QualifikationNone.
    • InfoMaterial costs (approx. €15) are collected by the course instructor.
    • Participants8
    • Langue du coursGerman
    • InstructorKonrad von Liebieg
    • Duration2 days
    • Appointment06/01 - 06/02
    • Time9:00 - 6:00 PM
    • Lieu du séminaireSt.-Ursulaweg 19, 94557 Niederalteich
    Numéro de cours KU2731801
    195,00 € pro Teilnehmer

    Prix T.T.C

    "Additional course dates available on request - our lines are open Monday till Friday, from 8 am to 8 pm by telephone on + 49-(0)991-9109-909 or via email to"
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    Numéro de cours Début Fin Lieu Prix  
    Kursnnummer: KU2731801
    Début: 01.06.18
    fin: 02.06.18
    Lieu: Niederalteich
    Prix: 195,00 €
    Kursnnummer: KU2731702
    Début: 07.07.17
    fin: 08.07.17
    Lieu: Niederalteich
    Prix: 195,00 €
    Kursnnummer: KU2731701
    Début: 13.02.17
    fin: 14.02.17
    Lieu: Niederalteich
    Prix: 195,00 €

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