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Upholstering and Covering a Chair

From a basic chair to a finished upholstered product

On this course you will do classic upholstery on a chair that you bring with you. Practical...
On this course you will do classic upholstery on a chair that you bring with you.
Practical learning:
  • Typical period features and how the ideal type of upholstery can be determined from the shape of the chair frame
  • How to establish the shape of the seat
  • How to structure the upholstery
  • What to watch out for with the height of the structure
  • Where to strap
  • What types of lacing should be used
  • How the surface upholstery is applied and why
  • Bitte geeigneten Stuhl zum Kurs mitbringen!
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Franz Roth

The experienced industrial mechanic completed further training and passed the master certification exam to become an interior designer. He also completed a degree as a restorer for the craft of interior design at Schloss Raesfeld. Since 2014, he has been successfully running his own restoration workshop with upholsterers. He is a member of the master craftsman's examination board for the HWK Niederbayern/Oberpfalz.Franz Roth

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KURSORT Niederalteich

A haven for traditional crafts!

A mere 10 minutes drive from our company headquarters in Metten, it is situated idyllically between the river Danube and the Natural Reserve Bavarian Forest and offers ideal conditions for undisturbed creative work.

The former stable of the Monastery Niederalteich is optimally equipped with

  • Bench room,
  • Turning workshop,
  • Sharpening room,
  • Machine room,
  • Kitchen and Sanitary rooms.


St. Ursulaweg 19
94557 Niederalteich

More info on our Workshop location Niederalteich
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  • QualifikationNone.
  • InfoCourse fee plus material as required (from €80) are collected by the course instructor.
  • Participants8
  • Langue du coursGerman
  • InstructorFranz Roth
  • Duration3 days
  • Appointment06/20 - 06/22
  • Time9:00 - 6:00 PM
  • Lieu du séminaireSt.-Ursulaweg 19, 94557 Niederalteich
Numéro de cours KU2551801
269,00 € pro Teilnehmer

Prix T.T.C

"Additional course dates available on request - our lines are open Monday till Friday, from 8 am to 8 pm by telephone on + 49-(0)991-9109-909 or via email to"
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Kursnnummer: KU2551801
Début: 20.06.18
fin: 22.06.18
Lieu: Niederalteich
Prix: 269,00 €
Kursnnummer: KU2551702
Début: 29.10.17
fin: 31.10.17
Lieu: Niederalteich
Prix: 269,00 €
Kursnnummer: KU2551701
Début: 03.04.17
fin: 05.04.17
Lieu: Niederalteich
Prix: 269,00 €

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