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Wooden Gutters and Fountain Troughs

Each participant will skilfully create a gutter from a 2 m length of spruce with an optional...
Each participant will skilfully create a gutter from a 2 m length of spruce with an optional decorative head. The techniques learnt from making the gutter - the comfortable use of the axe and broadaxe as well as turning it precisely with the lathe - can then be used to make a large fountain as part of a group project. Drilling the water column with a traditional pipe drill is also part of the course.
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    Thomas Gindhart

    He is a self-employed master carpenter and certified restorer in carpentry. Since he was a trainee, he attends himself to the restoration of buildings which are listed for preservation, of rustic interiors with hand hewn beams as well as to moon phased harvesting of his own timber. He supports museum villages and societies, where he presents ancient craft techniques, e.g. the hewing of beams, the sawing of planks and the manufacturing of bored log pipes (wooden water pipes).Thomas Gindhart

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    • Nombre de participants10
    • Appointment15.03 - 16.03.2016
    • Time09.00 - 18.00
    Kursnummer KU2441601
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    Kursnnummer: KU2441601
    Beginn: 15.03.2016
    Ende: 16.03.2016
    Ort: Singerhof
    Prix: 215,00 €

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