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Scythes - Mowing and Peening

The comeback of mowing with a scythe keeps your body and the environment fit. An increasing...
The comeback of mowing with a scythe keeps your body and the environment fit. An increasing number of hobby gardeners are enjoying that smell of freshly cut grass. Handling a scythe is a skill that requires some practice. The course starts out with peening the blade using the peening anvil, honing it on a whetstone, adjusting the snath, and it ends with mowing practices. You may bring your own scythe. It is also possible to purchase high-quality scythes and blades during the course.
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    Ernst Schoiswohl

    As we all know, the best scythes are manufactured in Austria. In the town of Rossleithen in the Upper Austrian Kremstal valley the company Schröckenfux, which has a long tradition, has manufactured tailor-made scythes for 450 years. Who else could teach our participants better how to sharpen and grind scythes and sickles than the qualified foreman Ernst Schoiswohl, who has been working in the worlds most famous scythe smithy for more than 30 years?Ernst Schoiswohl

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    Workshop location Illertissen

    Ancient gardening tools, almost forgotten plants, books, gardener's knowledge - the Museum of Gardening Culture houses anything related to ancient and modern gardening culture.

    Its ambience makes it ideal for some of the DICTUM workshops.

    The Museum of Gardening Culture is located close to the highway A7 Ulm-Kempten, exit 124 Illertissen, approx. 25 km from Ulm and 28 km from Memmingen.


    Museum der Gartenkultur
    Jungviehweide 1
    D-89257 Illertissen

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    • Nombre de participants12
    • Appointment7.05.2016
    • Time09.00 - 18.00
    Kursnummer KU6051602
    95,00 € pro Teilnehmer

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