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Guide d'affûtage pour haches SVA 170 Tormek

Guide d'affûtage pour haches SVA 170 Tormek
Jusqu'à 170 mm de longueur de tête (les haches sont rectifiées sans guide d'affûtage et appuyées...
Jusqu'à 170 mm de longueur de tête (les haches sont rectifiées sans guide d'affûtage et appuyées sur le support universel).
Convient pour modèles de Tormek 2000-2006, 1200-1206, T-3, T-4, T-7 et T-8.
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    Tormek® Sharpening System

    Proven for many years and constantly perfected wet-working sharpening machines are the basis of the ingenious Tormek-sharpening system. A range of jigs, which can be mounted on the universal support, makes the sharpening of any cutting tool easier. Tormek enables the achievement of exact cutting geo-metry and consistent results for chisels, turning tools, knives, shears or machine tools. Also suitable for workshops and instructional settings because of safe operation - no sparks are produced and it has an overload safety clutch. The "Tormek-Original" ceramic wheel assures short sharpening times under all conditions in combination with the greatest possible tool protection. The front end can also be used for plane honing. The leather honing wheel removes burrs quickly and leaves a perfectly polished cutting edge. Robust construction with solid housing and sliding water container.

    A summary of the advantages of the Tormek sharpening machines

    Longer working life of T-7 and T-4:

    • Stainless steel spindle with EzyLock-System for easier stone assembling
    • Better motor insulation


    • T-4 has 7 years guarantee, when used for commercial, industrial or educational purpose the guarantee is 2 years.
    • T-7 has 10 years guarantee with registration, also for commercial, industrial or educational purpose.

    Additional advantages of T-7:

    • Electrophoretic dip painted casing
    • Designed for continuous operation
    • Improved water container with magnetic dirt collector, overspill rim and drip-off plate
    • 2 additional rubber feet to drain off water on the case
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    N° art. 705228
    Marque Tormek
    Peut être livré comme cadeau
    Expédition immédiate, délai de livraison : 1 à 3 jours en Allemagne
    14,10 € par pièce(s)
    Se souv.
    De nombreuses autres variantes
    Type Prix Quantité
    Tormek Schleifführung für Äxte SVA-170
      14,10 €


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