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Building Furniture with Wood-based Panels and Modern Fittings

From design to completion - all stages of furniture making are practised on the course, including...
Wood-based panels are ideal for building functional furniture such as cabinets, shelves, chests of drawers or kitchen furniture. These panels are available in different types and qualities. This course teaches you their characteristics, properties, processing options and how they are supplied in detail. Drawers and doors are practical functional elements, for which a variety of different fittings are possible. We explain the most important types of fittings for doors and guiding drawers and their functional characteristics with their pros and cons.
From design to completion - all stages of furniture making are practised on the course, including planning, bill of materials, cutting the parts to size, applying lipping to edges, making various permanent and temporary joints, installing a drawer on rails, and fitting a door with a cup hinge.
After the course you will be able to plan and build similar projects on your own.
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    Roland Heilmann

    Back in 1992, cabinet maker and social education worker Roland Heilmann set up the kurs.werkstatt course workshop in Munich and has since passed on his knowledge to interested students in numerous courses. As an author he has published tool-related articles and guides to building furniture in a variety of specialist magazines. At Dictum he leads courses, including those focusing on power tools.Roland Heilmann

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    • QualifikationNone.
    • InfoMaterial included.
    • Participants8
    • Language_LongGerman
    • InstructorRoland Heilmann
    • Duration2 days
    • Appointment8.09. - 9.09.2016
    • Time09.00 - 18.00
    Workshop no. KU9051602
    €185.00 pro Teilnehmer

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    Kursnnummer: KU9051701
    Beginn: 2/25/17
    Ende: 2/26/17
    Ort: München
    Price: €199.00
    Kursnnummer: KU9051702
    Beginn: 7/10/17
    Ende: 7/11/17
    Ort: Niederalteich
    Price: €199.00
    Kursnnummer: KU9051703
    Beginn: 9/23/17
    Ende: 9/24/17
    Ort: München
    Price: €269.00
    Kursnnummer: KU9051602
    Beginn: 9/8/16
    Ende: 9/9/16
    Ort: München
    Price: €185.00
    Kursnnummer: KU9051601
    Beginn: 2/13/16
    Ende: 2/14/16
    Ort: München
    Price: €185.00

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