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Compact Course: Wood Surfaces: Treating them Right!

Compact Course: Wood Surfaces: Treating them Right!
This course teaches the art of applying and polishing shellac. Often referred to as "French...
This course teaches the art of applying and polishing shellac. Often referred to as "French polish", it is actually more like an "English polish". Shellac creates one of the best surfaces on wood and has many advantages:It can be applied by hand, dries quickly, can be repaired and gives the wood a beautiful finish. Using simple techniques and with a little practice, you will learn to master one of the best polishing methods with ease. Sample blockboards are used for practice.
Course content:
  • Correct preparing of the wood surface
  • What is shellac? Types and how to mix them
  • "Filling pores" - traditional methods of filling and dyeing wood pores
  • Making the polishing pad
  • Applying the shellac with brush and polishing pad
  • Fast application system for the shellac
  • Simplified version of shellac polishing
  • Dealing with polishing mistakes and other "challenges", including removing water stains and heat damage
  • Polishing, matt-finishing and waxing to control the gloss level.
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    Melanie Kirchlechner

    Cabinetmaker, restorer and sculptor Melanie focuses on the unrestrained use of wood as a material. She encourages and supports her students in making their dreams of wood come true! She also gives an insight into her creative work by writing for technical publications.Melanie Kirchlechner

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    • InfoMaterial included.
    • Participants8
    • Language_LongGerman
    • InstructorMelanie Kirchlechner
    • Duration1,5 days
    • Appointment4.03. - 5.03.2016
    • Time1. day 18.00 - 21.00,
      2. day 09.00 - 18.00
    Workshop no. KU2391602
    €130.00 pro Teilnehmer

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