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Relief Carving

Relief is an art form between painting and sculpting where the motifs protrude from the...
Relief is an art form between painting and sculpting where the motifs protrude from the background. In this course, in which you will create ups and downs, we will transmit pictures to the iconographic language of forms by carving reliefs. The designs will develop from geometric patterns, floral or figural themes, or abstract forms. The instructor will present different options of bringing out the essentials and creating an expressive relief. You will also learn about the specific characteristics of the wood and how to handle the tools properly.
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More information on the workshop instructor

Jörg Steinhauer

Whether he is building a surrealistic piece of furniture, carving a Gothic altar figure or making a commissioned work for the concept artist Jeff Koons - the qualified master cabinetmaker, master sculptor and handicrafts teacher explores the sculptural scope for design of wood material with enormous inquisitiveness and also exceeds the limit between art and handicraft. His courses are among the most popular courses offered at DICTUM!Jörg Steinhauer

More information on the workshop location

Bad Gandersheim

Dictum Workshops at Klosterhof Brunshausen

Conveniently situated at the west edge of the Harz between the cities of Göttingen and Hildesheim, this picturesque, four-sided farmstead promises a creative getaway in many respects: crafts, culture, café, and guest house. The owners of the farm, Anna and Benno Löning, have converted the former sheep farm to a woodworking workshop, where DICTUM courses are held all year round.

Klosterhof Brunshausen
Brunshausen 6
37581 Bad Gandersheim

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  • QualifikationNone.
  • InfoMaterial included (€25).
  • Participants10
  • InstructorJörg Steinhauer
  • Duration2 days
  • Appointment16.08 - 17.08.
  • Time9.00 - 18.00
  • LocationBrunshausen 6, 37581 Bad Gandersheim
Workshop no. KU1531701
€195.00 pro Teilnehmer

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Kursnnummer: KU1531701
Start: 8/16/17
end: 8/17/17
Location: Bad Gandersheim
Price: €195.00

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