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Outdoor Bench

The seat is 170 cm long by 34 cm wide with through-wedged mortise and tenon joints, offering...
This practical and beautiful seating furniture used to belong to every farmhouse in earlier days. It was a central place for exchanging news, doing little chores, or for relaxing after work. Unfortunately it has disappeared to museum villages nowadays. Give a place to those peaceful moments in your life with this traditional rural bench made from sturdy larch.
The seat is 170 cm long by 34 cm wide with through-wedged mortise and tenon joints, offering ample space for sitting and putting things on. The feet (seat height 45 cm) and frame are cut-through and wedged.
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    Michael Berger

    Als begeisterter Schreiner verstärkt Michael Berger das DICTUM-Workshop-Team. Er absolvierte 2016 die Meisterprüfung und wurde für seine Leistungen von der Bayerische Staatsregierung mit dem Meisterpreis geehrt. Besondere Freude bereitet ihm das Arbeiten mit Massivholz weil man hier den Werkstoff Holz sehr flexibel und kreativ gestalten kann.Michael Berger

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    KURSORT Niederalteich

    A haven for traditional crafts!

    A mere 10 minutes drive from our company headquarters in Metten, it is situated idyllically between the river Danube and the Natural Reserve Bavarian Forest and offers ideal conditions for undisturbed creative work.

    The former stable of the Monastery Niederalteich is optimally equipped with

    • Bench room,
    • Turning workshop,
    • Sharpening room,
    • Machine room,
    • Kitchen and Sanitary rooms.


    St. Ursulaweg 19
    94557 Niederalteich

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    • QualifikationNone.
    • InfoMaterial included (€135).
    • Participants7
    • LanguageGerman
    • InstructorMichael Berger
    • Duration2 days
    • Appointment12/12 - 12/13
    • Time9:00 - 6:00 PM
    • LocationSt.-Ursulaweg 19, 94557 Niederalteich
    Workshop no. KU1321805
    €315.00 pro Teilnehmer

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    Kursnnummer: KU1321705
    Start: 12/11/17
    end: 12/12/17
    Location: Niederalteich
    Price: €315.00
    Kursnnummer: KU1321801
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    end: 1/31/18
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    Price: €315.00
    Kursnnummer: KU1321804
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    end: 11/23/18
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    Price: €315.00
    Kursnnummer: KU1321805
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    end: 12/13/18
    Location: Niederalteich
    Price: €315.00
    Kursnnummer: KU1321704
    Start: 10/26/17
    end: 10/27/17
    Location: Niederalteich
    Price: €315.00
    Kursnnummer: KU1321703
    Start: 4/6/17
    end: 4/7/17
    Location: Niederalteich
    Price: €315.00
    Kursnnummer: KU1321702
    Start: 2/27/17
    end: 2/28/17
    Location: Bad Gandersheim
    Price: €315.00
    Kursnnummer: KU1321701
    Start: 1/26/17
    end: 1/27/17
    Location: Niederalteich
    Price: €315.00

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