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Sharpening High-Class Knives

Sharpening High-Class Knives
You will learn how to perfectly sharpen your knives on waterstones while preserving the blade....
We recommend sharpening high quality cutting steels by hand with waterstones, as this method has several advantages: It results in ultimate sharpness, it is gentle to the steel, you can do it anywhere, quickly, and at a low cost.
You will learn how to perfectly sharpen your knives on waterstones while preserving the blade. The course will also feature an introduction to specially developed knife sharpening systems such as the Sorby ProEdge or the Magna-Tec Delta-S, and you will be given the opportunity to test them yourself. You will acquire background knowledge on steel and sharpness. Demanding exercises under professional guidance will help you achieve perfect results.
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Boris Bonadies

A native of Italy, Boris Bonadies discovered his love of wood at an early age. After graduating from a demanding apprenticeship as a joinery, carpentry and general woodwork restorer, his journey took him to the USA where he completed internships in restoration studios in New York and Philadelphia. Besides working for many years as a restorer in Florence, he has also passed on his rich knowledge by lecturing at several Italian schools for restoration. He joined the DICTUM team in Munich in mid-2016, where he now works in sales and delivers courses.Boris Bonadies

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Kurswerkstatt Munich

Get out of the office and come to the workshop!

At the DICTUM workshop Kurswerkstatt München we have adapted our handicraft courses to suit the urban life style. In after-work classes or semester courses the participants learn how to handle machine tools and employ their new knowledge in project courses.

DICTUM Kurswerkstatt Munich
Haager Str. 9 - 2nd floor
81671 München

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  • QualifikationNone.
  • LanguageGerman
  • Participants10
  • InstructorBoris Bonadies
  • Duration1 day
  • Appointment28.05.
  • Time9.00 - 16.00
  • LocationHaager Str. 9 II. Stock, 81671 München
Workshop no. KU4051706
€105.00 pro Teilnehmer

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Course No. Start End Location Price  
Kursnnummer: KU4051711
Start: 9/17/17
end: 9/17/17
Location: München
Price: €105.00
Kursnnummer: KU4051712
Start: 10/10/17
end: 10/10/17
Location: Bad Gandersheim
Price: €105.00
Kursnnummer: KU4051713
Start: 10/22/17
end: 10/22/17
Location: München
Price: €105.00
Kursnnummer: KU4051715
Start: 11/18/17
end: 11/18/17
Location: Niederalteich
Price: €105.00
Kursnnummer: KU4051710
Start: 7/9/17
end: 7/9/17
Location: München
Price: €105.00
Kursnnummer: KU4051709
Start: 7/7/17
end: 7/7/17
Location: Bad Gandersheim
Price: €105.00
Kursnnummer: KU4051708
Start: 6/18/17
end: 6/18/17
Location: München
Price: €105.00
Kursnnummer: KU4051714
Start: 6/15/17
end: 6/15/17
Location: München
Price: €105.00
Kursnnummer: KU4051707
Start: 6/2/17
end: 6/2/17
Location: Niederalteich
Price: €105.00
Kursnnummer: KU4051706
Start: 5/28/17
end: 5/28/17
Location: München
Price: €105.00
Kursnnummer: KU4051705
Start: 3/26/17
end: 3/26/17
Location: München
Price: €105.00
Kursnnummer: KU4051704
Start: 2/18/17
end: 2/18/17
Location: Niederalteich
Price: €105.00
Kursnnummer: KU4051703
Start: 2/5/17
end: 2/5/17
Location: München
Price: €105.00
Kursnnummer: KU4051702
Start: 1/31/17
end: 1/31/17
Location: Bad Gandersheim
Price: €105.00
Kursnnummer: KU4051701
Start: 1/29/17
end: 1/29/17
Location: München
Price: €105.00

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