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Forging Pans

Forging Pans
In the beginning, the participants will get acquainted with handling the forge, the anvil, the...
In the beginning, the participants will get acquainted with handling the forge, the anvil, the blacksmiths hammer and tongs. The pans will be forged from a piece of plate that was previously preformed in a die by warm forging. First the edge is forged to form a circular pan. In this way you will not only practice to handle the hammer, but also train your eye. The loop for the helper handle, which will be located opposite to the handle, is forged and then straightened out. Next, the material for the handle will be stretched and forged and the handle rolled and straightened out. After vigorous brushing, the pan will be stamped and the bottom of the pan will be warm and cold straightened. After seasoning, the initial treatment with oil, salt, and onions, the pan is ready for use on any kind of stove (also ceran and induction cooktops).
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    Ulrich Blaut

    The qualified smith, metal worker, master designer and specialist teacher pursues his passion for hand forging at the vocational school at Michelstadt both in his private and professional life. He has set up a perfectly equipped smithy in his home. He passes on his know-how on the processing of red-hot steel to interested participants. Thus he preserves the old craftsmanship from being forgotten.Ulrich Blaut

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    KURSORT Mömlingen

    • QualifikationNone.
    • InfoMaterial included (€35).
    • Participants4
    • LanguageGerman
    • InstructorUlrich Blaut
    • Duration2 days
    • Appointment17.03 - 18.03.
    • Time16.30 - 19.00
    • LocationObernburger Str. 9, 63853 Mömlingen
    Workshop no. KU5101702
    €270.00 pro Teilnehmer

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    Price: €270.00

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