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Wood Surfaces: Treating them Right!

Wood Surfaces: Treating them Right!
In this course you will work out suitable finishings on samples which you can then use for your...
In this course you will work out suitable finishings on samples which you can then use for your individual wood projects!
  • Colouring, staining and glazing - How do I have to prepare the wood, how and with what do I have to grind it? When by using a machine and when by hand? What is to be done when there are stains of glue, scratches and dents? What does soaking the surface mean and what is it for? Which stain is the right one? Or is it better to glaze? What is the difference? What is a positive, what is a negative stain? How to stain new wood looking »old«?
  • Oiling, waxing and varnishing - Which finishing on raw wood, which on stained wood? When do I use oil and wax, or varnish? How do I prime the wood? Which surface goes with softwood, which with hardwood and why?
  • Polishing with shellac, cellulose and nitro - What is the difference between a shellac and a nitro polish? When and how am I able to polish shellac by myself? How do I recognise old shellac surfaces? How do I remove them and when is it necessary? How do I have to prime the surface to polish it?
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    Melanie Kirchlechner

    Cabinetmaker, restorer and sculptor Melanie focuses on the unrestrained use of wood as a material. She encourages and supports her students in making their dreams of wood come true! She also gives an insight into her creative work by writing for technical publications.Melanie Kirchlechner

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    Kurswerkstatt Munich

    Get out of the office and come to the workshop!

    At the DICTUM workshop Kurswerkstatt München we have adapted our handicraft courses to suit the urban life style. In after-work classes or semester courses the participants learn how to handle machine tools and employ their new knowledge in project courses.

    DICTUM Kurswerkstatt Munich
    Haager Str. 9 - 2nd floor
    81671 München

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    • Qualification None.
    • Duration 1,5 days
    • Info Material included.
    • Participants 8
    • Language German
    • Instructor Melanie Kirchlechner
    • Appointment 12/14 - 12/15
    • CourseTime 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Location Haager Str. 9 II. Stock, 81671 München
    Workshop no. KU2391805
    Brand Sonstige
    €139.00 pro Teilnehmer

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