PantoRouter Basic Course

You will learn: Operating principle and application options Combination of copying pins and...
The PantoRouter is a precision copy milling machine for a wide variety of wood joints. With the operating principle of a mechanical pantograph, the copy milling machine can travel in all three spatial axes. Thanks to templates, you can scan tenon sections, dovetail shapes and distances, drilling patterns or freely designed contours. Without changing the templates, you can use one and the same setting to mill with higher accuracy fit and repeatability.
You will learn:
  • Operating principle and application options
  • Combination of copying pins and router diameters
  • Setting and adjustment of the clearances
  • Milling of tenon joints with a diverse range of tenon sections
  • Milling of dovetail joints
  • Production of your own routing templates
  • Useful accessories and application tips
    More information on the workshop instructor

    Heiko Pulcher

    The great passion of this skilled carpenter and qualified designer has always been wood and traditional craft techniques. Prior to joining DICTUM, he worked as a freelance writer for several magazines in the woodworking sector. In addition to his own courses, he supports numerous Premium Courses by translating and using a video camera.Heiko Pulcher

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    Workshop-centre Niederalteich

    A haven for traditional crafts!

    A mere 10 minutes drive from our company headquarters in Plattling, it is situated idyllically between the river Danube and the Natural Reserve Bavarian Forest and offers ideal conditions for undisturbed creative work.

    The former stable of the Monastery Niederalteich is optimally equipped with

    • Bench room,
    • Turning workshop,
    • Sharpening room,
    • Machine room,
    • Kitchen and Sanitary rooms.


    St. Ursulaweg 19
    94557 Niederalteich

    More info on our Workshop location Niederalteich
    • Qualification Keine.
    • Duration 1 day
    • Info Material included.
    • Participants 8
    • Language German
    • Instructor Heiko Pulcher
    • Seminarstart 09/13
    • CourseTime 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
    • Seminarende 09/13
    • Location St.-Ursulaweg 19, 94557 Niederalteich
    Workshop no. KU9131904
    Brand Sonstige
    €125.00 pro Teilnehmer

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