Axminster Lathe Trade AT406WL

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This lathe from the Axminster Trade series has a heavy grey cast iron construction and leaves...
This lathe from the Axminster Trade series has a heavy grey cast iron construction and leaves virtually nothing to be desired. The machine offers high performance, comprehensive features and excellent workmanship. The heavy, solid construction ensures high rigidity, strength and a long life. The swivelling headstock (indexed at 45°, 90°) is free to slide along the length of the bed. Vibration-free running thanks to heavy cast iron construction (156 kg), well machined bed and precisely aligned centres, electronic variable speed with inverter technology, 50-3750 rpm in two speed ranges, powerful 2 hp motor, LED digital read-out of the lathe speed in rpm. The magnetic control console with start/stop, speed control and forward/reverse can be conveniently positioned where required. The machines come with an adapter so you can use the UK plugs in Europe.
Available accessories:
A 460 mm bed extension kit (No. 706529) including tool-rest extension post is available as an optional extra and can also be used in a lower position as an outboard spindle. This offers an impressive 870 mm swing over the bed.
  • Height of centre over bed 203 mm
  • Distance between centres 710 mm
  • Speed ranges 50-1250, 150-3750 rpm
  • Hollow spindle Ø 35 mm (#2 MT inner cone) with M33 x 3.5 DIN 800 thread and three bearings
  • Spindle indexing 36 x 10°
  • Hollow tailstock (10 mm bore) with #2 MT quill (100 mm travel) and measuring scale
  • Motor 1.5 kW (2 hp)
  • Motor rating 230 V
  • Working height/axis centre 1155 mm
  • Length 1150 mm
  • Width 560 mm
  • Height 1250 mm
  • Weight machine 96 kg, leg stand 60 kg
Standard equipment:
  • Tool rest 350 mm and tailstock
  • #2 MT four-tooth spur driver Ø 25 mm
  • 150 mm faceplate
  • #2 MT revolving centre
  • Knockout rod
  • Adjustment tool
  • Incl. heavy leg stand made of cast iron
  • Comes with German and English instructions
Axminster Trade Series
The Trade series offers machines in the medium price range with high performance and robust design. Suitable for workshops of ambitious hobbyists and professionals alike with approx. 1000 hours of use per year. The good workmanship, precision and stability of the machines are also appreciated by many professionals.
All machine parts are also available as spare parts.
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    3 year manufacturer's warranty included.
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    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
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    Plenty of accessories and spare parts


    Bed Extension for Axminster Lathe Trade AT406WL

    Bed Extension for Axminster Lathe Trade AT406WL

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    Article No. 706529