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Moldex Dust Mask FFP3, 1 Piece

The multi-use mask

For protection against harmful and carcinogenic dusts based on water and oil. Against all dusts...
1 piece
For protection against harmful and carcinogenic dusts based on water and oil. Against all dusts listed under FFP2, but in higher concentrations and additionally against ceramic fibers, chromates, cobalt, nickel, micro organisms and biochemical active aerosols. Total inward leakage not more than 5 %. For multiple use. With Ventex-valve and pleated filter technology for low breathing resistance.
Moldex FFP Fine Dust Masks
Masks for filtering respirable dust, aerosols and smoke. These half masks offer optimum protection by removing solid or liquid particulates from the inhaled air. Suited for protection against inorganic suspended particulates, smoke, soot particles, and organic particles such as pollen, bacteria and fungi. Available in three filter ratings. FFP masks offer no protection against gases or vapors. Advantages of Moldex FFP masks:
  • DuraMesh: strong and durable structure keeps the mask in shape
  • ActivForm: automatically adjusts to shape, size and movements of the face
  • Ventex-valve (not for No. 707974 and 707977): low pressure valve for optimising air flow, reducing temperature and moisture vapor in the mask
  • Pleated filter technology reduces breathing resistance by up to 50 %
  • Loop strap for easy handling
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      Discover product in our flip catalogue:
      Article no. 707979
      Brand Moldex
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