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Crown Diamond Parting Tool, PRO-PM

Forged with tradition - sharpened by professionals

Double bevel, taper-ground, »English-style«.
PRO-PM turning tools made of ultra hard sintered steel
The ultimate turning tools
PRO-PM gouges are the top of the line for exotic hardwoods, laminates or wood with mineral inclusions. The very high percentage of cobalt (8 %) and tungsten (10.5 %) make them highly durable. The tools hold their edge at least five times longer than conventional HSS tools. Crown PRO-PM tools from DICTUM come with a ready-to-use bevel and black stained ash handles.
Double bevel, taper-ground, »English-style«.
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    Hand-forging and high-grade steels make Crown Tools one of the leading manufacturers of turning tools worldwide. All their tools are made in Sheffield, England, following a long tradition. The blades are made of ultra-edge-holding M2-HSS as well as PRO-PM steel for heavy-duty use and ultimate edge life.

    • Blade materialPRO-PM/factory grind (ready-to-use bevel)
    • Blade width5 mm
    • Overall length490 mm
    • Handle materialAsh black
    We extend a 5 year warranty on all our Crown turning tools!
    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
    Article no. 701813
    Brand Crown
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    Including sharpening pass, two free sharpenings.
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