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Frost Hook Knife No. 164

Single bevel for right-handed use.
Single bevel for right-handed use.
Frost Knives
Cutting tools have been forged in the Swedish town of Mora for over 400 years. The Mora Knife, developed by Erich Frost over 100 years ago is synonymous with functionality and reliability. The majority of the blades presented here are forged from rolled 2.5 mm thick traditional triple-layered carbon steel. The knives are distinguished by their excellent sharpening properties and long edge life (the hardness of the core layer is approx. 61 HRC). To preserve the steel's fine grain structure, alloys have not been added, meaning that the blades are not rustproof. The birch handles are firmly attached to the full-length tang.
    • Curvature radius12 mm
    • Blade length50 mm
    • Overall length160 mm
    • Bevelleft
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    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
    Article no. 701562
    Brand Frost
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    a:3:{s:2:"DE";s:26:"Frost Schälmesser Nr. 164";s:2:"EN";s:24:"Frost Hook Knife No. 164";s:2:"FR";s:34:"Couteau à éplucher Frost N° 164";}
    Frost Hook Knife No. 164

    Article number 701562


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