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Lie-Nielsen Small Router Plane with Open Throat

This small router plane is perfect for fine relief work and shallow mortise work for hinges. The...
This small router plane is perfect for fine relief work and shallow mortise work for hinges. The compact design makes the plane easy to guide even on narrow long sides of doors. The square blade cannot twist in the iron body when removing large shavings or in diagonal use and is secured with a pressure screw. The body has two openings to allow the blade to be used in the middle of the base as well as open on the side, close to the edge of the base for use in corners. The open throat design offers more visibility in front of the tool. The closed throat design is due to the increased resting surface ideal for working on the edges of boards (e.g. setting hinges). 105 x 55 mm.
    • Baseopen throat
    • Blade width6,3 mm
    • Weight225 g
    Article no. 702995
    Brand Lie-Nielsen
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    a:3:{s:2:"DE";s:52:"Lie-Nielsen Kleiner Grundhobel mit offenem Hobelmaul";s:2:"EN";s:47:"Lie-Nielsen Small Router Plane with Open Throat";s:2:"FR";s:43:"Petite guimbarde avec ouverture Lie-Nielsen";}

    a:3:{s:2:"DE";s:58:"Lie-Nielsen Kleiner Grundhobel mit geschlossenem Hobelmaul";s:2:"EN";s:49:"Lie-Nielsen Small Router Plane with Closed Throat";s:2:"FR";s:48:"Petite guimbarde à lumière fermée Lie-Nielsen";}

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    Article No. 702994


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