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Japanese Mini Plane with Single Iron

The world’s smallest Japanese plane with hand-forged double-layered blade (cutting edge of Blue...
The world’s smallest Japanese plane with hand-forged double-layered blade (cutting edge of Blue Paper Steel) is not only a real eye-catcher but also fully functional. Ideal for cabinetmaking and model-building. Plane body of white oak. Comes in wooden case.
Japanese Planes (Kanna)
Japanese planes bring the wood’s true inherent beauty to the fore. Kanna have been reduced to their most essential plane functions. The double-layered, tapered blade is much thicker than standard European blades, allowing chatter-free planing. The cap serves as a chipbreaker. The numerous adjustment mechanisms found on European planes are completely absent. Before using a Kanna for the first time, the blade’s back must be flattened and the blade properly seated in the tapered grooves of the body. To minimise friction, the sole can be given a slightly concave profile using a scraping plane. Anyone willing to make the initial effort of setting up and learning how to use these fascinating tools will be rewarded with exceptional results. Unless otherwise stated, the blade angle is 40°. Instructions included.
    • Blade thickness2.6 mm
    • Blade width13 mm
    • Overall length64 mm
    • Weight20 g
    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
    Discover product in our flip catalogue:
    Article no. 703069
    Brand Sonstige
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    Japanischer Minihobel mit Einfacheisen


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