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Festool Universal Saw Blade 160x2,2x20 W28

Festool Universal Saw Blade 160x2,2x20 W28
Fits TS 55, TS 55 R and others.
With alternating teeth and a medium chip angle, this saw blade is suitable for both rip cuts and cross cuts.
Fits TS 55, TS 55 R and others.
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    More than 90 years' experience - for your benefit

    Festool develops high-grade power tools for professional and ambitious users. Since the family business was founded in 1925, quality and innovation have been its top priority. Over 300 patents and more than 80 awards for the company and its products prove that focusing on the essential pays off.

    Service all-inclusive

    Festool offers a 15-day money-back guarantee and will take back slightly used devices if you are not satisfied. We register your new festool machine for free, so you instantly benefit from the “Service all-inclusive” (1+2 Warranty) – 36 month cover for repair costs, wear parts included. Festool's extensive customer service includes 10 years' guaranteed spare parts, a 24-hour repair service, free collection of tools to be repaired, and much more.

    • Teeth (no./shape)28 W
    • Cutting Width2.2 mm
    • Hole Ø20 mm
    • Saw Blade Ø160 mm
    • Number of teeth28
    • Tooth designW
    • Rake angle15 °
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    Article no. 706626
    Brand Festool
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