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Set of Rail, Stile and Raising Bit, Shank Ø 8 mm, 3 pieces

Three optimally matching bits: rail and stile bits and a raising cutter of the same style. The...
Three optimally matching bits: rail and stile bits and a raising cutter of the same style. The two-piece rail and stile bits are fixed - once they are adjusted to the machine you don’t have to adjust the cutting depth. For use on a router table.
Usage: First cut the end tenons on the transverse parts of the frame and rails with the stile bit. Then cut all the inside edges with the rail bit. Finally, decorate the panels with the raising bit. Also suitable for curved shapes. Material thickness 18 to 22 mm.
Safety first
  • All bits comply with the EU safety standards EN 847-1 and EN 847-2
  • Suitable for hand feed
  • Main specifications laser-engraved on shank
Tungsten Carbide (TC) tipped Router Bits
  • Tungsten carbide is an extremely tough cutting material with high wear resistance
  • Finest micro-grain quality for an extra-long edge life
  • Where technically possible, the cutting edges are fitted at an angle to the shank
  • Exactly ground shanks ensure precise rotation
  • Secure fit in the collet (eccentricity indicated on shank)
  • Perfect guidance along workpieces thanks to quality ball bearings
  • All ball bearings can be replaced and are available as spare parts
    • VersionRouter Bit Set, 3 pieces
    • Bearing Ø22 mm
    • ShapeRoman R 4.76 mm
    • Cutting length23.8 mm
    • Cutting Ø41 / 49 mm
    • Shank Ø8 mm
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    Brand Sonstige
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    HW-Fräser-Set (Profil-/Konterprofil- und Abplattfräser), Schaft Ø 8 mm, 3-teilig


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