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UJK Compact Router Table, Cast Iron Table Top

The compact router table, with its robust substructure, massive high-quality machine tabletop...
The compact router table, with its robust substructure, massive high-quality machine tabletop made of vibration-absorbing cast iron and precision router fence made of thick-walled hard-anodized aluminium profile offers an unbeatable price-performance ratio.
Router table top: The high-quality surface treatment of the 686 x 406 x 40 mm cast iron plate offers little friction, even when machining large workpieces. Two T-Tracks (19 x 9.5 mm / 8.9 x 6.4 mm) cut into the cast iron plate provide precise guidance, e.g. for the included angle fence. The parallel router fence is guided laterally on the cast iron plate, thereby increasing the stability of the tabletop.
Router fence: The parallel router fence comes with a transparent dust extraction hood (Ø 63 / 56 mm connector) to efficiently remove chips. There is a T-Track at both the top and front of the router fence for fitting guards and accessories. An adjustable transparent safety guard is included. Adjustable measurement scales are attached to each side of the router table, thus making it possible to optimally and precisely position the fence. There is also a scale on the top of the router fence with the zero position at the centre of the cutter spindle. The movable sides of the router fence make it possible to adjust the distance to the router in use.
Base: The extremely stable table frame with double metal ribs also features holders for the included mitre fence assembly and crank of an optional router elevator. Height to top edge of router table top 370 mm, external dimensions of the base 580 x 390 mm
The advantages:
  • Solid, reliable router table with abrasion-resistant cast iron plate
  • Tabletop with recess for UJK router elevator or UJK mounting plate
  • High-quality router fence made of thick-walled aluminium profile
  • Robust construction for high stability
  • High dead weight, 41 kg
  • Accurate workmanship for the most demanding specifications
  • Comes with installation instructions in German and English
  • Fits router elevator No. 706573
  • Fits mounting plate No. 706574

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    The ujk technology brand was launched by Axminster in 2012 to offer a range of carefully selected products. The range includes routing, measuring and wood jointing products.

    • Weight41.6 kg
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    Article no. 706585
    Brand UJK
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