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useit Superfinishing-Pad, Ø 150 mm, 5-Piece Test Set

This product is no longer available.
Smooth as glass - without changing pressure! The Superfinishing-Pad carries on where other...
Smooth as glass - without changing pressure!
The Superfinishing-Pad carries on where other abrasives reach their limit - giving you the desired effect every time. The multi-layered construction of each pad evens out variations in the pressure applied and irregularities on the work surface or the abrasive plate. Polishing, matt-finishing and refining almost any kind of surface is fast and simple - and results in a surface quality second to none. Dust inclusions and scratches can also be completely ground or polished out by means of full-surface or targeted spot processing - without damaging the surface of the workpiece. This is sensational technology at its best, making lengthy grinding procedures a thing of the past! 2 sheets of grit 600, 1 sheet of each of grit 1200, 1800, 3000.

    Scope of delivery

    5 disks: 2x SG 600, SG 1200, SG 1800, SG 3000
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    JÖST abrasives

    Back in 1981, when the company was founded, the name JÖST abrasives already gave a clear indication of the company’s visionary, international outlook. Today, the JÖST abrasives brand name stands for one of the world’s most innovative developers of abrasives - with multiple awards as a system supplier to major corporate groups.

    • Gritmixed
    • DimensionsØ 150 mm
    Article no. 720149
    Brand Sonstige
    €8.10 per set

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    useit Superfinishing-Pad, Ø 150 mm, 5 Stück, Testset


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