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String Path Path 3 Rosin

This product is no longer available.
String Path Path 3 Rosin
Powerful, clear sound.
Powerful, clear sound.
String Path
PATH rosin is popular among violin players. It is produced of pine rosin plus 7 additional additives and offers excellent adhesion to the strings and is almost dust-free. PATH rosin ensure the best performance in any weather and environment condition. Dark rosins for use in higher temperature conditions, light rosins for use in lower temperature conditions and rehearsing.
    • Manufacturer String Path
    • Instrument Violin, Viola
    • Colour dark
    Article no. 277050
    Brand String Path
    €15.90 €13.90 per piece(s)

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    String Path Path 3 Rosin
    String Path Path 3 Rosin

    Article number 277050