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Henry Taylor Profile-Pro Tools

The Profile-Pro setup tools make setting up your sharpening jigs easier than ever. The three...
The Profile-Pro setup tools make setting up your sharpening jigs easier than ever. The three double-ended gouges allow the exact resharpening of six different grinds. "Celtic" and "Celtic" short, standard and modified (bowl gouge), standard and modified (spindle gouge). Blade width 16 mm.
  • Mount the setup tool with the desired profile in the sharpening jig and slide it up to the sharpening stone of the powered-off grinding machine
  • Adjust the sharpening jig to replicate the tool profile
  • Place the tool to be sharpened in the jig and double-check the grind with the setup tool
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    For over 150 years, turning tools of the finest quality have been manufactured by Henry Taylor in Sheffield (England). The company combines traditional manufacturing techniques such as forging by hand with modern hardening and tempering treatments. Only the best Sheffield steel (HSS) is used for all blades, which are attached to the heavy, dark-stained handles of English hardwood with solid brass ferrules. Henry Taylor Tools design their tools in association with world-leading woodturners such as Roy Child, Richard Raffan, Dale and Darrel Nishi, Mike Mahoney and David Ellsworth - which reflects the high quality of the tools.

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