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Microplane Master Kitchen Rasp, Zester/Grater

The Master series from Microplane combines a sturdy stainless steel frame with an elegant handle...
Ideal for: citrus fruits, hard cheese, garlic, ginger and nutmeg. Fine friction surface 165 x 33 mm. Overall length 310 mm.
The Master series from Microplane combines a sturdy stainless steel frame with an elegant handle made of walnut wood. Razor-sharp blades will revolutionise your food preparation: Effortlessly grate cheese, fruit, vegetables, spices etc. with perfect results. A non-slip rubber base ensures stability and a safe grip. To preserve and maintain the wood, we recommend food-safe linseed oil from Sweden. The grater is not suitable for the dishwasher. With a hanging loop and reusable protective cover for storage.
From the workshop into the kitchen
Microplane originally manufactured rasps for woodworking. Eventually it was a Canadian housewife who paved the way for the manufacture of kitchen tools when she set about baking a cake. Frustrated with her old, blunt grater, she took her husband's Microplane wood rasp from his tool box and was amazed at the excellent grating result. A sophisticated manufacturing process, perfected throughout 40 years of first-hand experience, makes Microplane products so amazingly successful. An innovative photo-etching process is applied to fashion the teeth. Unlike stamped teeth, etched contours do not have any burr, achieve long service life and are extremely sharp. The appliances cut the food with surgical precision, allowing the ingredients to preserve their full aroma and taste, and avoiding the crushing produced by many standard graters.
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      Discover product in our flip catalogue:
      Article no. 746230
      Brand Microplane
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