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Japanese Rice Pot

Compact pot with even release of heat from all sides, for cooking perfect rice dishes. Retains...
Compact pot with even release of heat from all sides, for cooking perfect rice dishes. Retains heat for over an hour! With enamel coating on the inside. Suitable for all kind of stoves.
Cast-iron Cooking Pots and Pans
The traditional pots and pans presented here will captivate you with their simple and practical designs and precise cast-iron finish. The natural casting is black-annealed at 900° for added protection against oxidation.
Cast iron has several advantages over stainless steel or aluminium:
  • The thicker walls of the vessels retain heat and transfer it evenly to the contents
  • Has around three times better heat conduction than stainless steel, so the heat is distributed more evenly in the pot and the contents are also heated through the walls
  • Is highly ferromagnetic, therefore heats up rapidly on/in induction ovens
  • The pots can also be used with gas cookers and outdoors (with charcoal and open fires)
    All pots and pans come with instructions for use and care.
      • Ø210 mm
      • Capacity1.5 litre
      • Height115 mm
      • Weight3.2 kg
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      Discover product in our flip catalogue
      Article no. 820320
      Brand Sonstige
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      a:3:{s:2:"DE";s:20:"Japanischer Reistopf";s:2:"EN";s:17:"Japanese Rice Pot";s:2:"FR";s:24:"Cocotte à riz japonaise";}
      Japanese Rice Pot

      Article number 820320


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