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Hunting Knife »Damask«, Striped Damascus

Exclusive Nordic style knives for demanding requirements

The brightly patterned blade is made of rustproof Damasteel. Manufactured in Sweden, the Damascus...
The brightly patterned blade is made of rustproof Damasteel. Manufactured in Sweden, the Damascus steel blade is produced by powder metallurgy using the sintered and forged steel types RWL34 (»light« patterns) and PMC27 (»dark« patterns). The handle is fashioned from stained Nordic curly birch with a reindeer horn ferrule and a brass hand guard. Supplied in a robust cowhide sheath. Rustproof, hardened to 58 HRC.
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    Karesuando Kniven

    The knife manufacturer Karesuando Kniven is located in the eponymous town Karesuando which is located approximately 300 km north of the Arctic Circle. He produces a large variety of knives with the traditional Nordic design. Experiences from daily usage under harsh conditions have created and formed these knives. All materials are taken from the surrounding nature of the manufacturer.

    • TypStriped Damascus
    • Blade length80 mm
    • Blade thickness3 mm
    • Overall length195 mm
    • Weight90 g
    Article no. 709061
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    a:3:{s:2:"DE";s:37:"Jagdmesser »Damask«, Streifendamast";s:2:"EN";s:42:"Hunting Knife »Damask«, Striped Damascus";s:2:"FR";s:44:"Couteau de chasse » Damask «, Damas ligné";}

    a:3:{s:2:"DE";s:34:"Jagdmesser »Damask«, Rosendamast";s:2:"EN";s:39:"Hunting Knife »Damask«, Rose Damascus";s:2:"FR";s:42:"Couteau de chasse » Damask «, Damas rose";}


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