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DMT Shaped stones

Comparison of DTM® and cut-price retailers of diamond sharpening devices
In the photograph from a scanning electron microscope, you can clearly see the difference between varying and uniformly-sized grains. DMT (left) uses diamonds with even-sized grains, while the photo on the right shows a cut-price abrasive with different-sized grains. In addition to the grain size, the density of the diamond coating is crucial to the durability and effectiveness of the abrasive.
Extra extra-coarse (grit size 120 µm) Grit ca. 120 Trueing
Extra-coarse (black) (grit size 60 µm) Grit ca. 220 Coarse shaping, Trueing
Coarse (blue) (grit size 45 µm) Grit ca. 320 Pre-sharpening
Fine (red) (grit size 25 µm) Grit ca. 600 Sharpening
Extra-fine (green) (grit size 9 µm) Grit ca. 1200 Sharpening, honing
Extra extra-fine (grit size 3 µm) Grit ca. 8000 Honing
Wood® Magazine (USA) tested the speed of the various sharpening devices (diamond, water and ceramic stones as well as abrasive paper) in its March 2012 issue. The test with coarse pre-sharpening (25° bevel) on plane blades clearly shows that DMT is at the top of the »quick sharpeners« with results between 1.20 minutes and 4.19 minutes.
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