Baking board - Pasta board

This high-quality kitchen utensil you can use both as a baking - pasta board as well as a cutting...
This high-quality kitchen utensil you can use both as a baking - pasta board as well as a cutting board or serving platter.
We manufacture this baking - pasta board ourselves, in traditional handicraft construction from noble domestic cherry and walnut and is thus a real eye-catcher in every kitchen and a practical help.
The end grain edges of the cherry top are covered by two stability strips made in a mortise and tenon joint, so that the open pores of the end grain cannot draw moisture or get dirty. At the same time, they prevent the panel from warping without restricting its freedom of movement (different shrinkage and swelling of the wood in different running directions of the fibres). This form-fitting connection is also not glued, precisely in order to ensure the independent working of the wood and thus no cracks can form.
The stop bar and the rear bar are manufactured by a burr connection as well form-fitting and without gluing. They guarantee a secure fit on your kitchen top and a good working.
This is quality craftsmanship as you know it from the past. You will thus enjoy this chic practical kitchen utensil for a lifetime. (Hobby) cooks will appreciate the functionality and robustness of this "noble accessory".
If you like, you can clean your baking - pasta board at home e.g. with a food-safe camellia oil Art. No. 705281, which is absorbed well into the pores of the wood and does not remain on the surface, to enhance and protect the natural colour of the wood.
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    DICTUM course workshop

    The experienced wood craftsmen of the DICTUM course workshop have used the course-free time to redesign real classics and produce them in our workshops - 100% Made by DICTUM.

    • Dimensions approx. 68 x 47.5 cm without backsplash
    • Creator Dictum course workshop
    Article no. 708865
    Brand Sonstige
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    Baking board - Pasta board
    Baking board - Pasta board

    Article number 708865