DICTUM木工锯组,3件,Ryoba Seiun 300,带锯片。


Ryoba Seiun 300 (No. 712378 ),适用于木头的接合处,以及无限制切割深度的精确开膛和横切。 Kataba Kariwaku 330,...
  • Ryoba Seiun 300 (No.712378),适用于木头的接合处,以及无限制切割深度的精确开膛和横切。
  • Kataba Kariwaku 330, (No.712386),高切割性能,即使是对角线和潮湿的木头也是如此。
  • Silky Gomboy 270, coarse (No.712096),坚固的折叠锯,即使在潮湿的木头上也能切割出最干净的表面。
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    Most of the products we sell as a trading company we produce ourselves. Our brand Herdim® has been synonymous with musical instrument making products for more than 100 years. Our design department staff devises our products from scratch – from simple component drawings for the development of hand tools to complex component groups in the field of power tools. All materials such as cutting steels, casting materials or handle materials are selected according to their intended use and produced according to our specifications. If possible, we produce the components for our tools ourselves. Complex manufacturing processes (casting, deep drawing, forging, lasering) are carried out by specialised companies. We monitor the processes and carefully check the finished components. We carry out the final assembly of the individual components, as well as the cutting of wood and the bottling of finishing agents ourselves. Our brands include products for musical instrument making (Herdim®), as well as tools and machines (DICTUM®). Further DICTUM brands include: Sinensis®, Lignea®, Kunsuto®, RosinLegnin®, Robusuta®, Shinko® ...

    商品编号 712864
    品牌 Dictum
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    DICTUM 满意度保证
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    DICTUM木工锯组,3件,Ryoba Seiun 300,带锯片。 价格优势
      € 144.00
    DICTUM木工锯组,3件,Ryoba Seiun 300,带锯片。 价格优势
      € 139.00